9 Odd things about burning the midnight oil

As I sit here in a dark, quiet house I find myself thinking about what keeps me up late at night chasing dreams and pushing them into reality. Upon reflection I came across a few things that I thought odd:

1) You get hungry at weird intervals. That hunger usually pops up when you are stuck on a problem, or when you have knocked a TODO off your list. I must be getting lots done as I appear to be putting on weight.

2) When you make a snack, you tippy-toe around like you are afraid Zombies may hear you and come devour your flesh. Waking 4 kids in the middle of the night wouldn’t be far off the Zombie metaphor me thinks.

3) Your feet get cold. Sitting in a less than stellar chair for hours on end seems to muck up ones circulation, and jumping on the treadmill is a non-starter due to the Zombies from #2… Maybe I’ll go make a snack and stretch the legs.

4) Nom Nom Nom

5) You start listening to weird music. Top 40 seems incredibly passe when you are coding an intellectual masterpiece. Instead you generally turn to classical, or maybe some 80’s hair band. Pour some sugar on me, oooooooooh in the name of… Nevermind.

6) Social media goes to bed! If you pop up Facebook or Twitter you will find your feeds are diminished considerably, which of course helps you stay on task and be more productive. Except for Reddit that is. Reddit never sleeps. Thankfully I am committed to only checking Reddit when in the washroom and at no other time. I am VERY serious about this rule!

7) You go to the bathroom alot.

8) Research can be dangerous. Without children scuttling about the house or the clickety-clack of keyboards from adjacent pods, you know that nobody is going to come around the corner and bust you reading about wormholes being at the center of entanglement when you quite innocently had intended on searching how to make a putty connection to an EC2 server. You can get equally as caught on wormholes should you be looking up what you can make with a few ingredients in the fridge that you know you can get at without making too much noise. Entanglement is a funny thing.

9) Before you know it, 4am is staring you in the face. You want to get a little bit of sleep so you can function during non-vampire hours, but you also desperately want to keep going because you never feel like what you have accomplished is ever enough. Such is the crux of turning dreams into reality. Maybe just a few more minutes…

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