Making a tractor sounds fun!

My work cohort, Lex Pattison, just posted a video on Facebook for a project called the “Global Village Construction Set“. There are some ideas that hit you in the face like a sledge-hammer as a “no-brainer”, and this is one of those ideas. As Lea and I prepare to welcome child #4, we realize our house is becoming a little cramped. We realize that our descendants lived with a thousand children in a 12 by 12 house and that you can make do with very little, blah, blah, blah; but the fact is that we’ve been dreaming of setting ourselves up on an acreage for years and the time is right for us to do so. We may have grandiose goals, though that by no means indicates we intend to be wasteful, nor do I intend to dash away from my self-proclaimed tree-hugging-capitalist ideals.

The sub-project I find most intriguing in the Construction set is called “LifeTrac” – essentially a mini tractor built around the idea of interchangeability for a variety of work purposes. With a large garden and a variety of other Farmy-type-things in mind (plus boundless amount of snow here on the prairies), and the stupendously low cost to make a tractor verses buying one; it just makes sense!

My brain is already fast at work thinking of ways to program my mobile phone to be the pilot of the vehicle for various chores. And then there’s the ability to invent/create a never ending series of attachments for the tractor, like a snow-blower or a surface to air missle system… I jest, I jest.
Of course, you could let you imagination run wild, or make a tangible 1st step by donating to the project, like I just did :-). I made a $32 donation, though I would have loved to make the $10K one .

Make sure to let me know if you feel like building it with me in the summer of 2012, below in the comments!

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