easyPAY is not without its victims

My wife recently received a letter from Shell stating that they would be discontinuing the easyPAY program. I took it upon myself to write Shell a letter, letting them know that they were overlooking the obvious victims of such a decision… the children :-). Enjoy…

Dear Shell

My wife and I are displeased to read that you will be discontinuing the easyPAY program. Having the capacity to pay for our fuel purchases with nothing more than our keychain has become a border-line necessity for us.

As shown, by the attached picture, we create incredibly cute offspring. Without the easyPAY program available, having another child becomes less feasible in the event we must leave our vehicle in order to pay for gas. Of course, there is the option to use other card methods at the pump, though Saskatchewan winters diminish the dexterity required to insert the cards into the slots, making it near impossible to fumble your way into paying for your purchase. With pre-payment being required almost everywhere now, a gas-and-dash (out of necessity) becomes impossible.

This brings us back to having to haul our children into the store.

You may also note in the attached picture, our children have ginormous heads. Our youngest (only 7 months old in this picture) has a veritable plantetoid on his shoulders. Any additional trips to-and-from the vehicle increase the likelihood that gravity will finally prevail and that our child will plummet head first onto the concrete. Can you imagine the overwhelming guilt that a caring company, like Shell, would feel if such an unfortunate incident arose just because they took away a payment option like easyPAY? Think of the cascading turmoil that such an incident would wreak on the families of upper-middle management as they turn to the bottle to escape from the sheer weight of the decision they made to cancel easyPAY. Wide-sweeping corporate changes such as these are not without their victims. All I ask is that you think of the children before your next big decision in the board room.

Tongue and cheek aside, we will miss the convenience of using easyPAY.

Kind regards,

Aaron Jones
Serial Actionpreneur
blog: www.ajones.com/blog
twitter: @aaronjones

2 Comments to “easyPAY is not without its victims”

  1. By Norma, May 4, 2011 @ 5:50 am

    Aaron – you crack me up.. you should be writing for comedy or perhaps become a comedian yourself! I am sure Shell will be absolutely MOTIVATED to re-think their removal of the easy pay system LOL! Thanks for the chuckles (I read back as far as your Christmas Blog).

  2. By Dave, May 10, 2011 @ 2:18 pm

    They lost my business as soon as thet cancelled the service. The tag was the only thing keeping me from using the fiances coop number and getting gas from them. With what they’re charging at the pump I’m sure someone wanted a bigger cut of their profit.

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