My Oldest takes up the Entrepreneurial torch

Lemonade Man Sam took up the charge today with his first business that made it past the idea stage today!

Sam selling Lemonade by the side of the road

Entrepreneur in Training

I coached Sam a little bit prior to his endeavor this past evening, and explained a few things about business. After we got home (a mere 30 minutes later) I asked him to write a quick summary of what he thought about his first business experience and what he learned. Here is what he wrote:

Making lemonaide was awesome! And doing the lenmon lemonaideADE stand was so fun!
What I learned is tax goes to the Ottawa, they have the tax government there I think, and doing the lemonade stand was super great for maling making money and it gives people a drink. First I thought the lemonaide stand was gonna be hard, but really it was not that hard making the stand.

After taking his wagon 3 blocks to where there was some traffic, setting up, selling like an old pro, and taking it down to come home (he had to since he was out of Lemonade), he was gone a grand total of 30 minutes. After his expenses (roughly $3) he still netted $12 in profit. I’ll admit, I was shocked and impressed! At one point he had 3 cars lined up waiting for their turn at Sams “Homemade” Lemonade (Being the overprotective father I was biking up and down the street so that he was within earshot and always visible).

I don’t know who benefited from this more?
Sam, so he can make enough money to get a headset for the Xbox (a console we only have 1 game for :-P).
Or was I the one to benefit from the sheer vicarious excitement of seeing my son succeed after applying a modicum of effort?

Regardless of who got the most out of today, it was a great day! Here’s looking forward to sunny skies tomorrow!