Why getting older is AWESOME!

In a word: Birthday’s!
I may be in the minority when it comes to getting older, but when it comes to celebrating my birthday, I couldn’t be more excited! It is the one day of the year where people are eager to show you that they are glad to know you and thankful that you are around. And it’s as easy as saying “Happy Birthday”.

I have to thank my mother for instilling these wonderful feeling I get every year when my special day comes around. For as long as I can remember, my mother would wake up before me each September 29th and place my birthday presents on the kitchen table. When I awoke, they were waiting for me to tear into before I could eat my breakfast. Even in my “I’m too cool for birthdays” stage as a teenager I know it would have broken my heart had the ritual not been observed. Today, as I turn a youthful 34, I am fortunate to have a darling wife observe the same ritual.

The gifts have changed. Lego are now Power Tools. CD’s are now Business books. Underwear is still underwear thankfully ;-). And regardless of the prizes that await me, the excitement remains the same.

Every “Happy Birthday” wish I receive is like a jolt of dopamine to my brain. I guess that makes Facebook my drug of choice. Facebook entirely negates the problems of time and space, allowing well-wishers from all over the world to sneak in their kind-hearted greetings with a modicum of effort. Some would say that the ease of communication cheapens the experience. I would say that it makes it more special because it is still easier to do nothing at all.

Topping off this birthday was a call I received telling me that I had won 2nd place in a contest. The prize… a $100 gift certificate to Amazon.com. What kind of contest might you ask?…. A coloring contest of course! In actuality, the picture would not have turned out nearly as well had it not been for the keen eye and artistic talent of my apprentice, Aaron Laferriere. I maintain that I’m the luckiest guy in the world, though I have to say that the majority of my luck comes from the people I surround myself with than any strategically placed horseshoe.

To everyone who wished me a happy birthday: “Thank you, you made my day”.