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9 Odd things about burning the midnight oil

As I sit here in a dark, quiet house I find myself thinking about what keeps me up late at night chasing dreams and pushing them into reality. Upon reflection I came across a few things that I thought odd: 1) You get hungry at weird intervals. That hunger usually pops up when you are […]

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Hot sauce.. will I ever learn?

I recently sent an email of “thanks” to a co-worker who gave me a new bottle of hot sauce to try. I thought I should share: My buddy-ol-pal Kristian brought a hot sauce into work for me, which I tried last night. To be fair, Kristian warned me that it was very hot. After having […]

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Making a tractor sounds fun!

My work cohort, Lex Pattison, just posted a video on Facebook for a project called the “Global Village Construction Set“. There are some ideas that hit you in the face like a sledge-hammer as a “no-brainer”, and this is one of those ideas. As Lea and I prepare to welcome child #4, we realize our […]

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My Oldest takes up the Entrepreneurial torch

Lemonade Man Sam took up the charge today with his first business that made it past the idea stage today! I coached Sam a little bit prior to his endeavor this past evening, and explained a few things about business. After we got home (a mere 30 minutes later) I asked him to write a […]

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The weight of the world on a shovel

This past weekend I spent a lot of time in our front yard shoveling dirt, sand or rock for hours on end. There were not many moments where I was not thinking of the upcoming 9 months for me and my family. Noooo, we don’t have a baby on the way (at least not yet), […]

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Success! – all we have to do is medicate.

In my mind, there is an important difference between preparing for failure and having a backup plan. -Preparing for failure indicates that you are putting a safety net in place to cushion the blow of failure. -A backup plan, on the other hand, means that you have a secondary set of actions which you can […]

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Merry Christmas

It’s 3am and I just finished putting together the spin bike I got my wife for Christmas. I am reminded of that one commercial where the husband is sent to the dog house after getting his wife a vacuum as a Christmas gift. While in the dog house the husband finds other men who had […]

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My Pareto’s principal

I am in Kelowna, BC, taxiing down the runway (don’t worry, I’ve turned off the wireless). I have been reading Tim Ferriss’s 2nd edition of ‘The Four hour work week’ for the umpteenth time and am currently reading the section on Pareto’s principal (80-20 rule). It seems apparent to me that more of our lives […]

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Baby Power

On April 2nd my family and I welcomed 9 pounds and 1 ounce of awesome into the world. His name is Zaron, and he is a much anticipated addition to our budding family. 36 hours later, My wife was feeling well enough to leave the hospital to come home. We were excited to get settled […]

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A few days ago my wife and I took our 2 year old to the hospital after he had spent 24 hours throwing up. He threw up more on me than I had on myself in all my years of college combined. My little guy was getting so dehydrated that they kept him hooked up […]

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