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9 Odd things about burning the midnight oil

As I sit here in a dark, quiet house I find myself thinking about what keeps me up late at night chasing dreams and pushing them into reality. Upon reflection I came across a few things that I thought odd: 1) You get hungry at weird intervals. That hunger usually pops up when you are […]

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My Oldest takes up the Entrepreneurial torch

Lemonade Man Sam took up the charge today with his first business that made it past the idea stage today! I coached Sam a little bit prior to his endeavor this past evening, and explained a few things about business. After we got home (a mere 30 minutes later) I asked him to write a […]

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The weight of the world on a shovel

This past weekend I spent a lot of time in our front yard shoveling dirt, sand or rock for hours on end. There were not many moments where I was not thinking of the upcoming 9 months for me and my family. Noooo, we don’t have a baby on the way (at least not yet), […]

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Success! – all we have to do is medicate.

In my mind, there is an important difference between preparing for failure and having a backup plan. -Preparing for failure indicates that you are putting a safety net in place to cushion the blow of failure. -A backup plan, on the other hand, means that you have a secondary set of actions which you can […]

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Bad Demo

If you have been in the software game for any length of time, you know what it’s like to give a bad demo. You get in front of your audience and your chest puffs up as you are about to show off the killer app which you are convinced is about to trigger ear-piercing applause. […]

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Baby Power

On April 2nd my family and I welcomed 9 pounds and 1 ounce of awesome into the world. His name is Zaron, and he is a much anticipated addition to our budding family. 36 hours later, My wife was feeling well enough to leave the hospital to come home. We were excited to get settled […]

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